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Migdale Transport

Migdale Transport

By land and sea - Live fish transporters

Migdale Transport was established in 2008 as a direct requirement for our salmon smolt producing sister company. We have over 31 years of experience and knowledge within the industry and are competent in providing logistic solutions and managing fish welfare. Continuously adapting our services and equipment to meet the industry needs and adopting new technological changes. Our team of truck drivers and wellboat crew are dedicated to the welfare, safe handling and movement of live farmed fish

RSPCA Assured

Quality Live Fish Transportation By Land and Sea

Solutions for the Aquaculture Industry

Supporting our Customers to produce the best farmed Atlantic Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Lumpfish and Wrasse from fry to full maturity, while adhering to the RSPCA welfare standards.

A Quality Service Built on Teamwork

Our staff are key to our ongoing success so far within Migdale Transport, from the Deck Hands to Captains, Truck Drivers to Transport Managers, Logistic Coordinators to the Managing Director, we all bring additional value to the business each day, taking responsibility for our individual roles, and promoting best practice and encouraging new innovations and efficiencies wherever possible
Hugh Murray - Managing Director, Migdale Transport
Hugh - MD Migdale Transport

Our Wellboats

Our vessels are fitted with the highest quality fish monitoring and handling equipment for transferring, grading, freshwater / chemical treatments and harvesting of fish.

Our crew are dedicated to the fish welfare and highly skilled in managing the wellboat and safe handling of the fish.

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Trucks and trailers

Our Trucks and Trailers

Our distinctly branded fleet of DAF & Scania trucks are maintained to the highest standard and are regularly services and inspected. Our drivers take great pride in taking care of their units for safety and comfort on the road.

Our specially designed trailers are designed to minimise stress during the loading and discharge of fish. Fitted with high quality equipment to control and monitor the oxygen, pH, CO2 and temperature in the tanks and controlled from the cab from watering up the tanks to discharge of fish. All the tanks are fully insulated to control temperature fluctuations during transfers.

Our team of dedicated and skilled truck drivers take great pride and care in managing the health, welfare, and husbandry of the fish during all stages of handling and transportation from loading to discharge.

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Our Logistics Team work closely with our customers to provide solutions for their wellboats and trucks requirements to move salmon, trout, lumpfish and wrasse throughout mainland UK, Shetland & Orkney Islands, Western Isles, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Faroe Islands and France. We continuously adapt our services to meet the needs of our Customers, the industry and the ‘ever changing weather’!

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