Wellboats Migdale

The Migdale

Call signalLLAT3
FlagNorway NIS
Vessel typeLive Fish Carrier
LO & BE40.35m X 10m
Year built2000
Marsali wellboat

The Marsali

Call signalLAGC8
FlagNorway NIS
Vessel typeLive Fish Carrier
Capacity1500m3 (twin well)
LO & BE63m X 12m
Year built2020

Cleaning and Disinfecting the Migdale

Cleaning on board begins with a hot pressure wash of all decks, Hatches, pipework, Co2 Strippers, Grader, Counters, cranes and any other equipment that fish has potentially been in contact with. Marine safe soap is then applied and hot pressure washed off on all the equipment listed above. Finally marine safe disinfectant is applied to all areas of the vessel.

The well is cleaned by a semi-automated hi density fog system which run through a cycle of washing, soap applied then washed off and then disinfectant applied. After completion of the automated and manual wash down it is all double checked to ensure no areas have been missed.

All cleaning and disinfection is carried out when we are clear of any fish farms and in open waters.

Cleaning and disinfection checklist is completed for every stage and signed off by the Master or Mate.

Cleaning and Disinfecting the Marsali

The well wash system onboard is a fully automated process.

The cleaning procedure after each last discharge on each site is to empty both wells and pipe systems.

A seawater flush is performed.

Crew inspects both wells and dewater tanks visually and remove larger objects manually.

An automatic cleaning and disinfection cycle of wells is done. An automatic pipe wash is performed using chemicals and disinfectants.

co2 strippers, grader, lice filters and all the deck area is manually cleaned using hot water pressure washer with added chemicals.

After cleaning, all areas are disinfected.

After cleaning and disinfection, and to minimize any possible biological contamination, a full Ozon treatment is performed to make sure all the blind spots in wells and pipe systems are reached and properly disinfected before next job is commenced.

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